Headquartered in Detroit, MI, Fafnir works to bring the benefits of financial services innovation to consumers everywhere. Fafnir is first and foremost a lab, a space where new ideas can be brought forth and tested.

About James Yagley

James Yagley is the Founder and CEO of Fafnir. He has over 15 years of experience in financial inclusion, in both the private and public sectors.

At the FDIC, he worked to increase small business access to bank loans, and launched the Money Smart for Small Business training program. At the US Department of the Treasury CDFI Fund, he facilitated over $590 million to meet the needs of underserved consumers and markets, and also developed the national Capacity Building Initiative to bolster a growing industry.

James brings to Fafnir an M.A. in Cultural Anthropology, which he uses every day to understand the worldviews of diverse consumers. He enjoys connecting individual needs and behaviors to larger economic and social systems.

About Fafnir

About Fafnir

Fafnir has inspired the work of Jorge Luis Borges and Richard Wagner, among others.

Fafnir has been called many things: a laborer, a kind-of monk or saint, a fierce warrior – and much more. He is the guardian of a great treasure. More than that, he is a vital link in a great chain of meaning, and his real wealth is the creative energies that connect people and drive them to achieve great things.

Some say Fafnir doesn’t exist.