Working at the Intersection of Fintech and Cultural Practice

There is a shared sense of optimism about Fintech’s potential to bring underserved consumers into the financial mainstream. But Fintech will never reach this potential if the industry doesn’t design around what people do in the real world and why. Fafnir is unique in its focus on connecting technological innovation with the realities of cultural practice.

We talk about MONEY differently because we think about MONEY differently.

Our approach is to challenge assumptions, what we think we know. Even if this means going all the way back to the beginning. We look behind the individual product and towards the most fundamental needs of consumers and small businesses.

Money. Identity. Credit. Assets. Wealth. Simple words, right?

We are an Innovation Lab.

Our focus is on experimentation, creativity, big picture thinking – with the core focus on solving the consumer’s problems. We are willing to take risks with new approaches, because failure often brings more insight than success.

It’s not enough to Fail Faster, you have to Fail Forward.