In my last blog post, I took some time to reflect on the happenings of the past few months, and the impact that the pandemic has had on small businesses. I shared three vital goals that drive business owners forward to the future and work toward a road to recovery—to be whole, healthy, and in control. 

When we consider what small businesses want coming out of this crisis, the first thing we think of is to once again be whole. 

2020 is a time of loss. We compare everything now to 2019 in terms of lost sales, lost profits, lost opportunities. And more and more as this crisis drags on, lost jobs and lost businesses.

We read news stories almost every day, informing us that small businesses have lost thirty percent of their sales due to the crisis, some even up to fifty percent.  To be whole means to be back to 100%. To be back at that starting point again and regain all lost profit. 

In short, to be whole means to be back at that place you were before the crisis began. 

Another way to look at this is in terms of time. Think beyond numbers, rather the weeks and months it will take for a business to redeem those lost sales. 

Thinking in terms of time can be helpful, as long as we’re looking forward and not backward. 

We haven’t averted the crisis yet, but more and more I see small businesses starting along that path forward to becoming whole. 

Stay tuned as I continue to share the vital lessons that businesses must learn to successfully survive this global pandemic, including how to be healthy. 



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