Chances are, you’ve heard the saying, “Hire your strengths and fire your weaknesses” or been given similar advice in the past. 

But what does that really mean? We’ll give you a hint—it has nothing to do with firing anyone or getting rid of the weakest link.

This particular piece of advice is meant for you as an individual in the workplace. As individuals, we each have our own strengths and weaknesses related to our job. You may excel in some areas and struggle in others.

For example, maybe you’re great at carpentry, remodeling homes, or interior design. Or maybe it’s working with customers to help them put their dream home on paper. Others find talented people to make it happen. Some love working side-by-side with young employees as a mentor.  

As a business owner, the challenge is being tasked with fulfilling all of the roles needed to run a business on your own. The roles that you don’t have expertise in or are not necessarily considered one of your strengths will consume your time and take away from what you’re best at and probably enjoy most. This can slow your business down, and hinder your success.

It’s time to identify and fire those weaknesses.

Yes, the work still needs to be done but no one ever said it all had to be done by you. Find someone whose strengths match the tasks that have been your weakest points. Where you may have only been giving 50 percent in one area, someone else will be able to give 100. You’ll free up your own time to focus on your strengths and growing your business. 

It’s that easy. Although there can be a lot of nuances in the process, oftentimes, the solution is simple.

Here’s another way to think about the benefits of focusing on your strengths. It’s okay to ask for help and recognize that there are tasks you lack proficiency in or skills that come with a little insecurity. This doesn’t mean you are a bad business owner. Not getting the proper help you need would make you a bad business owner. 

By delegating tasks that you may struggle with or lack confidence in, you’ll be able to open up your time to focus on managing the areas of your business that you enjoy and honing in on the things that you excel at.