Fafnir Fintech Innovation Lab (Fafnir) announced its launch, with a mission to be a hub for financial service innovation.

Fafnir is unique in its focus on connecting technological innovation with the realities of the cultural practices of consumers. “It’s about understanding consumers first and solving their problems,” says James Yagley, Founder and CEO. “That’s where the biggest gap is in bringing the promise of technology and fintech to everyday lives.”

“Fafnir is an innovation lab,” Mr. Yagley continued, “and we take that role seriously. We are here to experiment, try new approaches, see what works and learn from what doesn’t. We have some interesting projects lined up for our first year, so please stay connected.” Updates on Fafnir’s work can be found at www.fafnirlab.com, and visitors can sign up to receive news.

James Yagley, Founder and CEO of Fafnir, has over 15 years experience in financial inclusion spanning the private and public sectors. At the FDIC, he worked to increase small business access to bank loans, and launched the Money Smart for Small Business training program. At the US Department of the Treasury’s CDFI Fund, he facilitated over $590 million dollars to meet the needs of underserved consumers and markets.

The Fafnir Fintech Innovation Lab is headquartered in Detroit, MI, and is a Michigan LLC. Its website is www.fafnirlab.com.