Fafnir Fintech Innovation Lab (Fafnir) Founder, shared insights into why he chose Detroit, MI as the world headquarters for his tech startup.

“Fafnir is Detroit Proud. That means we’re proud to be headquartered in Detroit and proud to be a Michigan company,” says James Yagley, Founder and CEO. “There is a positive vibe in Detroit right now. There is a lot of creative energy, a lot of businesses starting up right here. This is exactly the kind of environment that I want for a company that is going to be focused on creativity, for solving problems in new ways.”

The legacy of Detroit as the Motor City was a positive one. “People take pride in their work. They work hard, but most importantly, the area is known for making things that work, for having an impact in the world around us,” Mr. Yagley added.

Mr. Yagley, Founder and CEO of Fafnir, set up shop in Detroit after 15 years in Washington DC, working for national nongovernmental organizations as well as the Federal government. “Detroit is where I want Fafnir to be. We are going to be here a long time.”

The Fafnir Fintech Innovation Lab is headquartered in Detroit, MI, and is a Michigan LLC. Its website is www.fafnirlab.com.